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Alaska Winter Adventure

Alaska Winter Adventure

Ready to chase the Northern Lights and explore virtually untouched natural wonders? This 8-day adventure through Alaska is perfect for travellers looking to connect with nature in one of the world’s most stunning winter wonderlands. Explore one of Alaska’s largest glaciers, the Matanuska Glacier, take part in a guided snowshoeing experience in the pristine Denali State Park and just when you’re ready to warm up, you can bliss out in Chena’s natural hot springs. With the opportunity to view the Northern Lights from strategically chosen viewing points, this is an adventure that you will never forget.


  • Turnagain Arm – Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
  • Anchorage – Northern Lights Viewing
  • Palmer – Farm Visit
  • Matanuska – Glacier Tour
  • Denali National Park – Leader-led Snowshoe Walk
  • Fairbanks – Northern Lights Viewing
  • Fairbanks – Aurora Ice Museum (Entrance fee & Transport)
  • Fairbanks – Chena Hot Springs (Entrance fee & Transport)


  • Enjoy guided Northern Lights viewing opportunities, at locations strategically chosen by your local leader near your accommodation. (Weather dependent)
  • Take part in a leader-led Snowshoe Hike in the stunning Denali State Park.
  • Stay at Sheep Mountain, which is virtually untouched by tourists, making it perfect for spotting the Northern Lights thanks to no light pollution.
  • Get up close and personal with the mesmerizing Matanuska Glacier on a guided tour.
  • Soak in Chena’s natural hot springs for some well-earned relaxation time.

06/21/2023 through 02/26/2025
06/21/2023 through 03/01/2025

Day 1 Anchorage
Day 2 Anchorage
Day 3 Sheep Mountain
Day 4 Sheep Mountain
Day 5 Talkeetna
Day 6 Denali
Day 7 Fairbanks/Chena Hot Springs
Day 8 Fairbanks

11/11/23 - 11/18/23

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11/25/23 - 12/02/23

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12/16/23 - 12/23/23

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01/13/24 - 02/03/24

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02/17/24 - 03/02/24

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01/11/25 - 02/01/25

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02/15/25 - 03/01/25

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